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Sound & music production

Multimedia studios Skipton

Jake Richard

Freelance sound editor

I offer a wide range of digital (& analogue) media services, related to music, sound & video editing / production.

Digital freelancer north Yorkshire

Audio video services

  • Sound editing, mastering, restoration
  • Audio recording, location recording
  • Audio video digitising, & archiving
  • VHS video to digital, format conversion
  • Audio / video file repair & recovery
  • Audiobook editing
  • Podcast editing (remove unwanted words or silences)
  • Splice intro/outro music
  • Music production, recording & mixing
  • Audio & video compiling
  • DVD authoring & video editing for YouTube
  • PA hire & live sound
  • Audio / video format conversion
  • CD sleeves & artwork
  • Editing music loops

I bring a wealth of audio video & multimedia experience to each project. I have worked on hundreds of hours of other peoples music & video projects, with dozens of Spotify music releases utilising my skillset in some form.

I also freelance for Leeds production studio noego music, & given time, I work with singer / songwriters, helping them to record & release their own music.

Call me on 07985 433 090 or email:

Digital freelancer north Yorkshire

Background & experience

I have been recording & mixing music almost as long as I have been playing musical instruments. From crude mixes on compact cassette, to multi-tracking on ½ inch tape, & more recently digital recording using a computer based DAW (digital audio workstation).

Since 1999 I have done this as part of earning my living, I run a small music and media production studio located in Skipton, north Yorkshire.

Great achievements can me made in small spaces however, & early in my career I had a bit of a lucky break. After hearing some of my music on a website, TV & media production company Granada TV asked me to compose some music for a new TV show they were producing.

Over the coming years I established a successful production music agency (Headjog Music) which went on to sell music for TV, Radio and the internet to companies as diverse as the BBC, Sony, Sky, Playboy & Phones 4U. I even got commissions to produce sound & music for digital hardware such as DVD players & digital cameras.

Jake Richard AKA Headjog

Music showreels

Sweetpea Music

Live & acoustic

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