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Mountain Bike

Yorkshire Dales

MTB Dales

Mountain bike routes in the Yorkshire Dales

A love of mountain biking and a desire to share my knowledge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park originally inspired me to develop a website to promote mountain bike riding in The Yorkshire Dales. It also goes hand in hand with my love of photography.

The first version of the website originally went live in 2006, it was my first venture into hand coding websites in php & MySQL, a skill which I was learning at the time.

The site has been featured in a number of major UK cycling magazines & websites. It was for many years sponsored by a national UK holiday company. Limited time meant I stripped the site back to its basics in 2021 & that same lack of time sadly means I only get chance to update it a couple of times a year.

Call me on 07985 433 090 or email:

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