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Audio Video transfer & archiving

Convert VHS to DVD, cassette tape to CD. Skipton north Yorkshire.

Digital & analogue tape transfer specialist Yorkshire

Video & audio transfer service

Get your precious VHS wedding video or old band audio demo tape transferred to USB stick, DVD, or CD. I offer professional video to DVD & audio to CD transfer & digitisation services.

I convert vintage film & audio tape formats to digital files, from professional studio audio formats to every home video format from the last 40 years.

Based in Skipton, north Yorkshire, I transfer & archive footage for individuals, museums & broadcasters throughout the UK.

I currently convert the following video, audio & photo formats to digital:

  • VHS video to DVD / USB
  • Video to USB
  • DVD video to USB
  • VHS-C video (Compact VHS) to DVD / USB
  • Video8 to DVD / USB
  • Hi8 video to DVD / USB
  • DV video to DVD / USB
  • HDV video to DVD / USB
  • DVD-Ram to DVD / USB
  • DVCAM video to DVD / USB
  • SD card video to DVD
  • Photos scanned to Jpeg files
  • All video formats converted to YouTube friendly format
  • All video digitised to mp4 video (or any other digital video format)
  • CD Conversion – CD to USB
  • Audio cassette tape to CD
  • Audio tape to USB
  • Microcassette tape to CD
  • Minidisc to CD or USB
  • DAT cassette to CD or USB
  • 1/4 inch reel to reel to CD or USB
  • Vinyl to CD or mp3 (7″, 12″, LP, 78RPM etc)
  • Your audio converted to a format you can upload to YouTube, Soundcloud, play on your tablet, phone & desktop or share
  • All audio formats digitised to mp3 audio or .wav (uncompressed audio)
  • Sound editing & restoration

Scan photos using a high quality scanning process onto USB. create image slideshows playable across al devices or upload to Facebook or YouTube.

Why not transfer your video or audio to USB stick? Play on smart TV’s, PC’s, tablets or phones. Or to share on social media.

Call me on 07985 433 090 or email:

VHS to DVD - Vinyl to CD

The process

Parcel up your videos, tapes & films, & include your own personal details.

Drop the parcels in by appointment or use a secure postal service.

Allow me to transfer the footage for you onto disc or file

Collect your transferred footage or have it delivered by post.

I am based in Skipton, north Yorkshire. Tapes can be delivered in person, by appointment or sent via registered post.
I have 20 years experience in audio / video transfer & hundreds of happy customers.

Audio Video Transfer Yorkshire

Video & audio transfer prices

VHS to DVD video (2 hour tape)...£20
DVD to USB...£20
DVD-Ram to USB...£15
DV video to DVD...£20
Hi8 Video to DVD video...£20
Video8 to DVD video...£20
VHS-C to DVD...£20
SD card video to DVD video...£15
Multi chapter DVD authoring...From £45
High quality photo scanning to DVD or .jpg...From £45
Photo and video compilation DVD from SD card...From £35
DVD duplication (extra copies)...£3
CD to USB...£15
Cassette to CD (74 min)...£20
Microcassette to CD...£20
Minidisc to CD...£20
DAT to CD...£20
¼ reel to reel to CD...From £35
Vinyl to CD...From £20
Audio denoising / mastering...From £POA
CD duplication (extra copies)...£3

I offer bulk discount at 20% on any order over 5 audio or video tapes.

Call me on 07985 433 090 or email:

Digital file Preservation

AV Digitisation, digital archiving

One of the paybacks of spending your life working in the technology industry is having a truckload full of old video & audio equipment hanging about.

From old DAT audio players that used to be cutting edge studio equipment to DV video players that were once considered the industry standard in broadcast film.

I make good use of this gear & my knowledge by offering audio & video tape to digital transfer service.

All tape based formats only have a limited shelf life & if it’s your wedding video, graduation ceremony video, a precious old demo tape of your band or a reel to reel recording of your granddad’s life story, at some point, either the tape will wear out, snap or the equipment player itself might fail.

Digitising your old video or audio recordings onto DVD video or CD audio allows you to back them up permanently & to be stored for the future in the cloud with a service such as Dropbox, or shared with family & friends on Facebook or YouTube.

Digital & analog transfer Yorkshire


I have a wedding video / life story / old record I want digitising what’s the process to get it converted to DVD / CD / USB etc?

Contact me for a price 07985 433 090) if your happy with the quoted price, send me the tapes & a filled out order form by registered post, or if your local to Skipton, arrange to drop them off. I will digitise the footage and return it to you normally within 3 working days.

How do I know what kind of video / audio tape I have?

If you’re unsure of the type of video/audio tape you have you can send a photograph of it to me (or the tape itself) and I will identify it for you. I have the facilities to digitise practically all audio video formats made in the last 50 years.

Will my old VHS video be good quality?

A well looked after VHS tape, will be still very watchable, but our eyes have got used to modern high definition video formats, so by comparison VHS will look soft.

95% of the VHS videos I transfer are still in playable condition, the other 5%, which may have suffered damp, or worn / broken tape I do not charge for.

Unlike some video transfer services I don’t attempt to squeeze 4 hours of video onto one DVD to save time/money but meaning loss of video/audio quality. A 4 hour VHS video will require about 3 DVD’s depending on if the video footage aspect ratio is standard or widescreen.

How long will it take?

Video & Audio transfer is real time, 2 hours of video will take 2 hours to digitise and then roughly 20 min to render and burn to DVD.

I have a number of workstations so even when I’m busy most smaller projects are completed and dispatched within a couple of working days.

How do I pay for the audio video conversion service?

Payment has to be made before the tapes are returned to you. Payment can be via cheque, PayPal or direct bank transfer. For customers visiting in person I’m happy to take cash as payment.

Can I order extra CD / DVD copies at a later date?

I keep a copy of most audio & video projects for about 6 months after completion, please contact me within this time frame for further copies.

Is my video/audio footage confidential?

I’m happy to work within pre-arranged confidentiality agreements & your video or audio footage will be deleted from my systems (including backup systems) as soon as you confirm you have received a digitised copy.

I won’t however digitise footage that is illegal or copyrighted.

Can you send my video or audio in a format I can edit myself?

I’m happy to re edit video on your behalf or deliver the video to you in a digital video format that you can easy edit yourself using free (or paid for) software such as Windows Movie Maker, DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere.

Do you use a USB turntable for converting vinyl records?

No, in general the audio quality of USB turntables isn’t up to professional audio standard, we use 24bit analog to digital converters in a dedicated soundcard.

What kind of footage do you transfer?

Over the last 15 years I have transferred long lost reel to reel recordings from famous jazz musicians, rare video footage of political debate in the houses of Parliament, recorded life stories from deceased relatives & loved ones (I get a lot of these) & hundreds of hours of wedding videos & old band demos where the owner no longer has a relevant tape player on which to play them.

I also do regular conversion work for universities, museums & TV companies. Every tape tells a story.

Can you restore poor quality audio or video footage?

If it’s a precious recording & you want to go the extra mile, I can re-master both audio & video. This typically involves cleaning up hiss, rumble & crackle on audio & dust/grain management colour correction on video.

Occasionally the footage I come across is so poor, it makes the process of restoring the footage, either impossible or economically unworthwhile.

Can you re edit my video or audio footage?

Yes! I offer both audio & video editing services. If you have never been happy with the edit of your old wedding video or your bands music video? I can help. contact me for further info.

What video or audio formats do you convert to?

We have carefully chosen the file formats we convert audio & video to to be as future proof as possible, so that you will be able to play your audio video files in the long term future.

  • Audio is either converted to .mp3 or if an uncompressed file format is preferred then .wav.
  • Video is converted to .mp4 (h264) or if an uncompressed file format is preferred then .avi.

If you have a specific file format you wish to use then please let us know.

I am looking to build a web archive of old audio video files, can you help?

If you have a large collection of audio / video cassettes / reels for public use such as a public library or museum, one option to consider is digitising the entire collection & uploading to a website or intranet with a database engine.

An audio / video database such as this would be searchable by keyword or phrase with non linear instant access to your audio / video files offering a excellent levels of usability to your users. I can provide a competitive price for the whole process, from digitising audio & video to developing a database driven video or audio archive website.

What they say about me


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the work you did transferring the tapes, the sound quality is really good. It’s been lovely to hear my grandparents voices again and to share them with the rest of the family.


I had a number of 20 year old video discs full of family videos but the discs seemed to be blank when I put them in my laptop. A local video transfer company told me the DVD’s discs were unplayable on modern computers, so I posted the discs of to Jake, he promptly returned on USB stick my missing videos. Thank you so much Jake x


Excellent service. Would recommend Jake to anyone

David T2105

Excellent and timely service, thank you.

We needed some old records converting to digital, due to their value our client wouldn’t allow the records to leave their premises. Jake was quite happy to do a site visit with a van full of equipment and transfer the records onsite. Excellent service.

We discovered some old reel to reel audio tapes in our archive that we wanted to transfer onto CD. we were quite nervous about outsourcing the project initially but Jake did a fantastic job firstly of reassuring us he had the experience. Highly recommended.

Absolutely delighted with the audio transfer work Jake did in transferring some old cassettes to CD and memory stick. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him – a first class service! I agree with other people who have reviewed his work. Jake is approachable, conscientious and honest – I’m extremely grateful and pleased to have discovered him.

Charlotte Foster

I’m very happy I chose Jake to record my LPs onto MP3. He’s done a really professional job with very speedy and friendly service. I’d have no hesitation in recommending him.

John Wright

Excellent service – good price, very fair, good customer service.

Skip Rig
 Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

Excellent service Would recommend Jake to anyone.


Jake Richard BSc (Hons) is a internet & technology geek who has spent his life wiring up bits of audio & video equipment & writing bits of random computer code just to see what happens. Call: 07985 433 090

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