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Skipton Tutoring

Web design for Skipton 11+ Tutor.

The project

WordPress website for Skipton 11+ tutoring

A simple website for Skipton Tutoring, a local company specialising in eleven plus tutoring for local children in Skipton & local area.

Designed in WordPress allows Skipton Tutoring to regularly & simply keep the website up to date on a weekly basis.

The project

Website features

  • Web hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • WordPress web design
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Freelance web design

Web design Skipton north Yorkshire

I’m Jake a freelance web designer, for over 20 years I have been developing websites for all types of businesses.

I design websites for a wide variety of people & businesses throughout Skipton, Yorkshire, Lancashire & the entire UK.

The quality of my design work & the knowledge I offer to clients is easy on par with services offered by larger design agencies without the excessive costs.

Call me on 07985 433 090 or email:

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