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Mountain Bike Yorkshire Dales

Web design for MTB website.

The project

Yorkshire Dales mountain bike routes website

Ok, it’s a website I have built for myself, I am the client with exacting standards, but I am also the web designer trying to fulfill my own standards without a budget. Building websites for yourself can be tough, there is no budget, no time constraints, I can spend an entire day mucking around with different fonts or colours if I wish & nobody loses out, expect I lose out on a day working for someone else.

MTB dales as you have probably gathered is a website mapping out mountain bike routes in the Yorkshire Dales national park for other people to download & follow.

A labour of love, a busman’s holiday? Whatever, it gets me out in the dales, gives me an excuse to get out with my camera, photography is (yet) another one of my hobbies.

MTB dales has been online since 2006, the original version was hand coded in php & MySQL, where on earth did I get the time to do that?

MTB dales doesn’t get the time it deserves due to other work commitments, but in the summer months cycling season it gets a whole heap of traffic which inspires me to add a few more bike routes.

The project

Website features

  • Web hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Logo design
  • photography
  • WordPress web design
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Freelance web design

Web design Skipton north Yorkshire

I’m Jake a freelance web designer, for over 20 years I have been developing websites for all types of businesses.

I design websites for a wide variety of people & businesses throughout Skipton, Yorkshire, Lancashire & the entire UK.

The quality of my design work & the knowledge I offer to clients is easy on par with services offered by larger design agencies without the excessive costs.

Call me on 07985 433 090 or email:

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