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I have been interested in photography for as long as I can remember and have been working professionally as  a photographer for around 15 years including experience working in commercial video production & video editing.

I studied photography & film as part of a media & design degree. After graduating I drifted towards web & graphic design as a career but continued to hone my photography skills.  I often felt that many of the photos my clients were asking me to use as part of web or graphic design project were badly framed, poor quality photos so I began to take photos on a job by job basis on behalf of my clients and initially for free for work experience.

Since then my photographs have been used on over 300 websites & print based projects,  from regional magazines such as Yorkshire Life to CD-Rom projects for the BBC, posters mountain bike websites & more.

I have experience in the following areas of photography:

  • Commercial photography
  • Architecture & panoramic  photography
  • Artist photography
  • Product  photography
  • Landscape & scenic photography
  • Technology  photography
  • Sport  photography
  • Black & white  photography
  • Event  photography
  • Photoshop, photo touch up, clean up & advanced photo editing


What’s the best type of camera? I have learnt over the years that the best camera you can have is one that is with you all the time. On many occasions when I have gone out into the Yorkshire Dales with a high end camera and selection of lenses with the purpose of taking photos, I’m sometimes disappointed with the results or lack of interesting subjects I have come across. Therefore credit goes to my smart phone (whatever model I happen to have at the time) for being with me all the time and being the piece of equipment responsible for taking some of my most inspirational photos, simply because its there in my pocket whenever I need it, and more importantly when a great photo opportunity arises.

Therefore my equipment list looks like this:

  • Smart Phone
  • Canon Rebel EOS 650D with a range of macro and telescopic lenses

In 2012 I began to collate the thousands of photos I had taken & began the huge process of putting them on line. Over time I have established a successful royalty free photography website, specialising in selling photos of Yorkshire & The Yorkshire Dales. For more info visit

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