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 I have been recording & mixing music almost as long as I have been playing it. From crude mixes on compact cassette, to multi-tracking on 1/4 inch tape & more recently digital recording using a computer based DAW (digital audio workstation).

In 2002 I had a bit of a lucky break, after hearing some of my music on a website, TV & media production company Granada TV asked me to compose some music for a new TV show they were producing.

Over the coming years I established a successful production music agency (Headjog Music) which went on to sell music for TV, Radio and the internet to companies as diverse as the BBC, Sony, Sky, Playboy & Phones 4U.

I also offer many other services related to music & sound, including:

  • Sound editing, mastering, restoration.
  • Audio recording & location recording.
  • Digitising, audio cassette to CD audio, VHS to DVD [more].
  • Voice over recording.
  • General freelance sound editing services.

Headjog music can be downloaded from

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Music from the Headjog Production Music online library