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Bass Grooves

I can remember being about 8 years old, hanging about in the family kitchen and listening to music on an old Roberts radio, a song came on the radio that possibly changed my future destiny, I can still recall being amazed how the radio vibrated around the kitchen table, reacting to the throbbing, rumbling bass line.

“What’s that sound dad?” I asked, my dad being non musical replied “its the guitar son”, it was actually the bass guitar and the song that sparked my interest in the bass guitar was Paperback Writer by The Beatles.

I’ve been performing & recording music since my teens, I studied at Leeds College of Music & can play a number of musical instruments pretty well, but since hearing that song, I have had a long love affair with the bass guitar. I love to pass on and share my musical skills, & for quite a few years I have taught bass guitar lessons to up and coming musicians in and around Skipton and The Yorkshire Dales.

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Jake Richard basslines for Sweetpea Music