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SEO Training

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There was a time when getting traffic to your website was a fairly simple process, it was fundamentally tailored around getting your web designer (or yourself) to add a few careful chosen keywords that represented your service or business to each page of your website.

For example keywords for a web designer’s site hoping to get local traffic may have included keywords such as:

“Web Design, Website Design, Website Designer, Web Developer, Skipton, Harrogate”

SEO trainingMany keyword variations could be used throughout the site on  different webpages, web based competition was quite low so the chances were a few weeks later (Google was much slower at crawling websites then) you would have a first page listing in Google. Many of the sites I worked on between 1999 & 2004 held their number one position in Google for years at a time with no further search tweaking involved.
Optimising web sites for search today is far more complex & a whole new area of specialism. Whilst all the websites I work on are search engine optimised for their target market, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should really be considered to be a more fluid, progressive process that is never complete. If you can get to grips with the processes involved then you can market your website and your business yourself, without involving and paying for outside SEO agencies to take on the work.

I train clients about the most important areas of search engine optimisation including:

  • In page Search Engine Optimisation, including: Title, Page Name, Description, H1, Above the fold content, alt & title tags
  • Local search
  • SEO for WordPress
  • Comparing competitor’s websites
  • Google+ & Google authorship
  • Utilising social media websites
  • Utilising photo and video sharing sites
  • Blogging
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

I’m happy to use your own website as a training module so that not only do you learn how to optimise your website your own site gets optimised by an expert in the process.
SEO training can be at your office or venue within a 20 mile radius of Skipton, including: Keighley, Bradford, Ilkley, Harrogate and Leeds.

I also offer freelance SEO services for customers who don’t have time or inclination to market their own website

For rates & availability please contact me or call +44 (0) 7985 433 090