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Google Map developer

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Most internet users are now probably used to using web based location tools such as Google Maps to find the distance and traveling directions to/from a destination. In addition to using mapping services directly on Google websites, interactive map applications can also be embedded seamlessly into your own website or phone app using coding tools such as Google Maps API.

Examples of common online mapping applications:

  • Find out the location of your website users (Geolocation) to deliver real time relevant services on your website.
  • Calculate the distance in miles between 2 or more postcodes & calculate delivery costs to give instant quotes, for courier, taxis or logistic companies.
  • Track the position in real time of vehicles and/or staff.
  • Overlay company branding or custom information onto a map.
  • Produce custom Street view panoramas to show the exterior of your shop or premises.

Freelance Google maps application development

I’m experienced in all aspects of coding mapping applications. I code using Google Maps JavaScript & PHP to develop robust mapping tools to integrate naturally in your site without potential customers having to navigate away from your site.

If you looking at having some kind of map application developed for your site, please contact me for a competitive quote.

Distance calculator application

Below is a working example Google Map application I developed for a logistics company, the script calculates the distance by road (not as the crow flies like similar projects) between 2 postcodes to provide a instant quote for delivery of a parcel.

Please enter a collection & delivery postcode:

For rates & availability please contact me or call +44 (0) 7985 433 090