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Search Engine Marketing

When I began developing websites in 1999 getting a 1st page listing in the major search engines was a fairly simple process, build a website, add a few carefully chosen keywords, fiddle with the text content & meta tags a little and finally spend a few hours submitting the website to the major search engines (not forgetting the revered Open Directory).

A few weeks later, as if by magic, the website would sporadically begin to show in Google & other search engines & hopefully if things went well over a period of time the website would steadily work its way up the search engine listings to the first page.

The most popular search engines in 1999 were Google, Yahoo, Altavista & Lycos.

Today search engine optimisation is a much more complex science, with hundreds & sometimes thousands of websites all fighting for the same search terms, Google’s position as the most popular search engine is even stronger, followed by Bing & Yahoo.
Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Search Engine Market Share


One aspect today that is consistent with 1999, all effective search engine optimisation campaigns should start with a well designed, quick loading website with appropriate use of page titles, page descriptions & “above the fold” keyword rich optimised text content.

Local SEO

Local search is becoming more important, in particular when searching for a local service such as electrician or plumber, results for a plumber or spark 300 miles away would be meaningless for the majority of web users so search tools such as Google deliver search results based on your approximate location.

Many people search using local search phrases such as “web designer Skipton”, or at least have local intent while searching, in particular when searching on a GPS enabled mobile device as most search engines will use the location of the phone as a key factor delivering the search results.

When designing & building a website for my clients or making an SEO assessment on a site developed by another company, I consider the following SEO options to be the most important:

  • Location & local search based opportunities
  • Make sure the site is search friendly (urls, page titles, image alt tags etc)
  • Well written keyword rich text content
  • Assess and optimize the website content for relevant industry search terms
  • Good quality inbound links (back links) from reputable websites
  • Integrate quality social feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc)
  • Check metagtags, (Keyword metatags are now ignored by many search engines)

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important part of any online marketing strategy & if used effectively can drive targeted traffic direct from email inbox to website. I offer a full range of email marketing & design services, more information about my email marketing services can be found here.

Google webmaster tools

Does Google consider SEO to be spam?

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