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Email Marketing Services

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Targeted email marketing can be an excellent way of promoting your business, event or services. Sadly, many companies & individuals misuse email marketing, buying huge databases of un-targeted email addresses & sending out thousands of spam emails in the hope that a percentage of the recipients will act on the email, ie. purchase the product or service.

I prefer to focus on best practice email campaigns, in essence sending out targeted emails to recipients who have previously signed up either “in shop” or via a website to receive emails of interest to them.

In addition to designing beautiful emails that look great both on phone & desktop, I can help you with

  • Designing emails that encourage recipients to act/respond
  • Designing email newsletters that integrate with your brand
  • Complying with spam regulations such as setting up unsubscribe pages or double opt in forms
  • Collecting customer data in-store & data-basing it into a mail list
  • Integrating sign up forms on your website
  • Boosting email signups via your website
  • Tracking success rates
  • Mobile phone email marketing

Mailchimp verses PHPlist

Mailchimp is a third party service for sending out email newsletters which is free to use for low volume senders. It also has a paid for service with a pricing tier based on the number of subscribers. Mail Chimp provides widgets & code to integrate signup forms with most types of website

If your wanting to send out emails newsletters to large lists of 20,000 or more recipients or want more control of the design/layout of your email, PHPList could be a better option. PHPlist is open source (free) software that runs on your own server or from your web domain ( It can seamlessly integrate with your website with signup/unsubscribe forms, and has no upper limit on the number of emails it can send.

Contact me to find out how I can help you with your email marketing requirements. For rates & availability please contact me or call +44 (0) 7985 433 090